How To Vote With Your Butt

 Since there's a lot of buzz around the subject of voting at the moment, we thought we'd put a playful spin on how the idea of voting has found its way into the waste management and recycling world with the shamelessly headline grabbing title "how to vote with your butt"!

As you can see from this picture, a new innovative scheme that's being trialled in London is aiming to clean up the streets of cigarette ends by turning the disposal of them into a bit of fun for smokers.

Ronaldo vs. Messi - make your vote count!

There are various questions being rolled out (mainly around topics of conversation in the sporting world) and the one below asks participants to choose who is the better player, Ronaldo or Messi.

The man behing the scheme, Trewin Restorick from an organisation called Hubbub is quoted in a Youtube video as saying:

"We were thinking about what people who currently litter cigarettes would be interested in... So football was a really great topic. We’ve been amazed at the level of interest in the voting bin".

If you're in London, you'll find one one of these giant ashtray bins outside Embankment Tube Station on Villiers Street.

The psychology behind the concept is that if people see an area where there is a significant amount of litter, then this increases the liklihood that they will drop their rubbish as well. Conversely, if they are in an area that is being kept tidy, they are encouraged dispose of their litter in a more conscientious way. 

Making the litter bin fun

The topics that smokers can vote on is usually updated on a weekly basis and covers subjects that many people enjoy talking about. Some recent questions (both sporting and non-sporting) have been:

  • What would you prefer to watch, the Italian F1 Grand Prix or Tennis US Open?
  • Who will win Saturday's local Derby, Arsenal or Tottenham?
  • Should the Government do more to tackle littering - Yes or No?
  • Who's your favourite superhero - Batman or Superman?

The idea is to turn a common problem of cigarette butt street litter into something fun and quirky and also to highlight the desire to keep the streets cleaner for all of us. 

Can I buy a voting ballot bin for my business?

Yes you can, they're available from the Ballot Bin website for as little as £195


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