Book Review of Touch The Earth by Julian Lennon

Touch The Earth Book By Julian LennonJulian Lennon creates children’s book highlighting ecological issues around the world.

Julian Lennon, the son of legendary Beatles band member John Lennon, has co-written and released the first of a planned trilogy of children’s books highlighting the damage that pollution is causing to our planet.

Julian is a keen environmentalist, a talented musician, a writer and a photographer and his new book creates an entertaining, interactive and easy way of approaching environmental issues affecting people all around the world.

As anyone who shares time with children will know, this combination is a great way for them to learn.

Touch the Earth is a beautifully illustrated book, bringing together an interactive story of the problems facing the planet due to pollution, and most importantly shows children solutions to those problems.


Touch The Earth – The first in a trilogy of children’s books on environmental issues, by Julian Lennon

Highlighting places with no clean water to drink, to seas full of plastic bottles and rubbish it engages children in helping to save the environment, reverse the damage and to teach all to love our planet. Issues which are deeply rooted in Julian’s life and work.

A message from John Lennon?

The story takes the child across the world, through a journey of a little aeroplane named ‘The White Feather Flier.', aptly named after the White Feather Foundation that Julian set up after receiving a message from an Aboriginal Elder informing him he was to bring attention to their plight through his words and music. The Elder presented him with a white swan feather and Julian got goosebumps at that moment as he recalled the words from his father John, some two decades previously, that should he die, he would send him a message in the form of a white feather to let him know that he was ok – that they would all be ok.

What an inspirational and heartfelt moment that must have been as that feather was passed to him with such a strong message attached. From there he went on to set up the foundation that deals with environmental and humanitarian issues. A portion of proceeds from the sale of ‘Touch The Earth’ will go to support the efforts of White Feather Foundation.

Today's pollution

With today's pollution and the environment being destroyed around the world by the corruption of waste from man-made products, there is a crucial need to highlight the effects on the natural flow of Mother Nature and the inhabitants of the earth.

What better way to start re-educating than with the children?

‘Start with the Young Un’s’ Julian says during an interview on Today. You can almost hear his father's voice echoing in the Northern UK expression of ‘Young Un’s'.

Touch The Earth is aimed at children from 3-6yrs.

As a Grandmother, I am always looking for new ways to interact with the ‘Young Un’s’ within my own family that bring fun and enjoyment whilst learning and embellishing that interaction with some message of what impact they may have on this world. The basics of disposing of their own rubbish responsibly have been taught and now I have a teaching aid that will reiterate that and allow me to expand to greater depths, bringing them knowledge of the world and the global effects the negligence of these basics can bring; all whilst snuggled up on the sofa!

Cleaner Water

Released in April 2017, Touch The Earth is the first in a planned trilogy by Julian and concentrates on the importance of clean water. Shockingly, statistics at Water for the World show that up to 5000 people die every day as a result of drinking unclean water.

Great to see that Julian has decidedly started with a very important issue. Having access to clean water is a basic need for human survival. One that many of us can take for granted. Let's teach the ‘Young Un’s’ the importance of this being available for all.

The subjects within this book can bring up many more ideas for play and conversation with children. Together we can learn more about the effects of disposing of rubbish responsibly within our own community to's having an effect on the world and their futures!


Touch the Earth by Julian Lennon is a fabulous, heart-warming book and in my opinion is worth every penny. You can either buy the book or just scroll through some of the pages and view some of the illustrations on Amazon. As Julian writes...Take a journey and save the earth.

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