Heatwave health warning issued for Sussex and the South East

Sussex summer heatwave

Along with much of the country, Sussex is in the midst of a summer holiday heatwave for the next few days and perhaps even longer.

The Met Office issued a Level 2 heat health watch alert for Sussex and the South East in general as temperatures continue to soar.

The hot weather is expected to continue throughout today reaching 27 degress C and there is the very real possibility that it will continue right throughout the entire Bank Holiday weekend.

The young, the ill and the elderly are those who are most likely to suffer health problems during very hot weather and people are being warned to be extra cautious in the sizzling heat. Those with heart or breathing problems (such as asthma) are particularly at risk.

Consultant Thom Waite is quoted as saying:
“We’re urging everyone to keep an eye on those you know who may be at-risk this summer. If you’re able, ask if your friends, family or neighbours need any help. The hot weather will put an extra strain on bodies and people may feel the ill-effects. Each year we hear stories of people who have fallen seriously ill because, even though it’s hotter, they may wear clothes which are too warm for hot weather, they may not drink enough or try to do too much”.

Hospitals are also readying themselves for the coming few days as they expect to be much busier as a result. The Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton experienced a sharp rise in the number of elderly patients needing to be admitted after suffering dehydration and heat related problems during a previous heatwave and they're expecting a similar situation this time around.

It has already made preparations, including identifying cooler rooms that the sick and elderly can be moved to if necessary and make sure enough extra supplies of ice and cool water are available.

General advice

  • Stay out of direct sunlight and try to relax in a cool room if indoors.
  • Open windows to allow fresh air to move around.
  • Avoid travelling, especially with pets in your car if you can.
  • Keep a bowl of cold water handy with flannels to keep cool.
  • Drink plenty of water as required
  • Keep an eye on friends, relatives and neighbours who may be at risk.

If you're not in one of the higher risk groups and are sensible - Have a great, sunny week; and don't forget the sunscreen!

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