Will you have a smart bin in your home soon?

Here at Expert Skip Hire, we're always interested in new and innovative ideas, particularly when it involves waste management solutions.

The Bin E

Dubbed as "The world's first intelligent smart bin" by its Polish creators, the 'Bin E' automatically sorts general household waste into separate compartments for recycling.

Smart design

Aside from looking more stylish than a typical plastic bin you can pick up for a few pounds at your local supermarket, the Bin E is also a pretty clever contraption.

It essentially has four main compartments - Mixed waste, glass, plastic and paper. When the user puts an item into the bin, it is scanned to determine what it's made from. It then attempts to compress the material and drop it into the relevant compartment.

As it's a "smart bin", it comes as no surprise that it is connected to the internet. When the waste goes in to be scanned, the information is automatically sent to an external database to improve the bin's recognition process.

The internet connection is also used to notify either the internal or external waste collection service (for larger businesses and local authorities) that a particular compartment is full and needs to be emptied. If an outside company is used for collection, the bin also collects the data in order to optimize the collection of the different waste materials so that the waste management company can decide on the best time to collect the rubbish. Also, as the waste is already compressed, this further optimizes and cuts down on the cost of collection.

Fewer bin collections by local authorities

At one time, our dustmen collected and emptied our bins on a weekly basis but nowadays, more and more local councils are moving to fortnightly (or even longer) collections in order to encourage us to focus more on our recycling habits and it's thought that this is where the smarty pants Bin E will come into its own. With its superior brain power, the new intelligent bin could help us reduce the space taken up by our rubbish so that we can go for longer without it being collected.

When can we expect to see them in our homes?

Whether or not these bins will find their way into our homes is up for debate. As you can imagine, they won't be cheap to buy - plus they will obviously need a mains supply and possibly an internet connection. At the moment, the creators of the Bin E are focusing their efforts on the commercial sector, with the first bins being larger in size and designed primarily for offices. It's then predicted that versions may appear on our streets to help local councils streamline their waste management solutions.

According to the manufacturers, the office version will be market ready sometime in 2018 and will cost somewhere in the region of £430. Businesses will also need to fork out an addition £107 subscription fee to connect their new bins to a waste management refuse collection service

We currently don't know the cost of the domestic version but it's reasonable to assume it will be a fair bit cheaper than its larger, commercial counterpart and the makers say that there will be no need for a subscription for domestic use.

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