Invention makes strong plastic strands from recycled bottles

A Russian inventor called Maxim Egorov has found an ingenious way of making extremely durable plastic strands of varying widths from old plastic drinking bottles. He has perfected the design so that his device can be easily used by just one person using one or both hands.

His design also benefits from being very small and extremely simple to use. With his invention there is now no need to cut a ribbon from plastic using scissors or a Stanley knife; You simply hold the device in one hand and pull on the strand with the other.

His invention is also adjustable so that it can make either thick or thin plastic ribbons. His miniature handheld lathe can cut plastic ribbons from 1 millimetre right up to 1 centimetre in width. It also has the added advantage of never needing a replacement blade. He says in his video that the thinnest strands that he cuts can also be used as fishing line and he has successfully caught a fish weighing 2 pounds with it.


The 2 videos below are in Russian but there are English subtitles that give a pretty good description of his device. 


He has perfected using the strands to make very strong and durable furniture as you can see in the video below. The plastic twine is wound around the furniture poles and then ingeniously made even stronger by the use of a heat gun. When heat is applied to the bound strips of plastic, it shrinks in size and contracts around the wood (thermocontraction) to make a very tight bind.

In the video below you can see him jumping up and down on the frame of a chair he has just created and this clearly demonstrates how strong the chair is. He also points out that you can use his invention with no need for an electricity supply.

He says he is constantly finding new ingenious ways to use plastic ribbon in this way and his video also demonstrates how the twine can be used to strengthen the handle of an axe as well as other heavy duty tools.

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