Clear up your garden before the cold weather arrives

Clear up the garden before winter arrives

It's around this time of year that many Sussex residents will be out and about in their gardens; not for sunbathing opportunities of course, but to get their gardens ready for the frosty winter days that lie ahead. If this is what you're currently up to then you'll be familiar with the ubiquitous piles of leaves, grass trimmings and the like that are no doubt scattered around the garden. Or, perhaps you're a tad more organised and have your green garden waste all stacked up neatly in a corner of the garden.

On top of all the biodegradable waste, you'll quite possibly have a mountain of other bits and bobs that need disposing of too. Things like old garden chairs, rotting bits of wood, broken plastic plant pots, and that old BBQ (you know, the one that went rusty and the leg fell off). Sound familiar?

If it does, you'll need to get rid of it all somehow. It goes without saying that many of you will have green garden bins that you can leave out for the council to take, which is fine if you only accumulate a small amount of green garden waste throughout the year. However, even if you diligently put it out regularly throughout the summer, you'll still probably have a fair amount if you're prepping the garden for the winter ahead.

Not to mention all the other stuff that can't be turned into compost. For example, you've done a bit of DIY renovation work and have chucked the leftover rubbish out the garden thinking "I'll deal with that later"... but later never arrived and there it still sits. Or it could just be that you've hired a tree surgeon or landscape gardener who has left you with an enormous pile of garden waste that would take eons to dispose of via your green wheely bin.

How to get rid of your garden waste in one, simple step

Of course, you can try and stuff all of the garden leftovers into the boot of your car and head on down to your local recycling centre with a load of twigs sticking out of the boot but this can often be a bit of a pain. Many of them will require you to book an “appointment” in advance by filling in a lengthy online questionnaire before they’ll let you in – and that’s assuming that they have any free slots available on the day you want to go.

Add to this the mess, time and effort it takes to get your garden waste from the garden into the car (along with a gazillion slugs, worms, spiders, and snails), and you’ve got a full day’s work on your hands.

The easy alternative is to use a professional garden waste clearance company like ours instead. The Expert team can easily make light work of it by taking most of the back-breaking hard work out of it by filling the truck instead.

Our conscientious, friendly crew can get the job done far quicker and efficiently than you’d be able to do it yourself and they can take care of loading one of our large capacity tipper trucks with all the unwanted organic waste as well as any other items you want to dispose of. This, of course, has many other benefits as you can tack on all those extra unwanted items indoors that are cluttering up your life as well.

Fully licensed and insured

As you'd expect, we're fully insured to clear away your waste and are a registered waste carrier with the Environment Agency so you know we can be trusted.

What can we take?

  • Garden waste
  • Bulky rubbish
  • General household rubbish and waste
  • Light construction waste
  • Broken garden tools
  • Old shed and fence panels
  • Plastic items/ garden chairs etc.

*Please note that there are a few items that we're not permitted to take including:

  •  Asbestos, car tyres, cathode ray tube televisions, fridges and freezers, all liquids
  •  Fluorescent tubes & light bulbs, gas bottles, Clinical waste/ medical items

Can I book a skip instead?

Sure, if you want to take your time and do all the heavy lifting yourself then we have a range of skip sizes to choose from - and they start from as little as £140+VAT. Bear in mind though that it’ll need to be placed on your driveway (if you have one) or in the road outside and if this is the case, you’ll need a skip permit – If it’s on your own property, you won’t. Depending on where you live, we may be able to arrange the permit on your behalf although some councils may require that you apply for it directly yourself. You should also be aware that skip permits aren’t free and a small fee is payable to your local council for this.


Main benefits of choosing our garden rubbish clearance service (tipper truck)

  • Our Sussex caged lorry wait and load service is perfect for places where hiring a skip just isn't practical such as Town Centres, narrow or busy main roads with parking restrictions. It's fast and efficient, and it cuts out the hassle and cost of applying and waiting for a Skip Permit to be issued.
  • You also only pay for the amount of garden and household rubbish we take, cutting out the potential risk of a half-empty skip if you've ordered one that's too big.
  • Our large-capacity caged tipper trucks are BIG! You can fit up to 12 cubic yards in a single load meaning they're ideal if you're having a house or garden clearance with lots of large, bulky items. They can also carry an impressive 1.5 tonnes of rubbish and waste material.
  • It's fast and efficient - Your rubbish can be completely removed in as little as 30 minutes.

Let us help you decide

Whatever option you choose, we can help. And, if you're not sure whether to book one of our tipper trucks or a skip instead for your garden waste, we can give you a few tips to help you to make up your mind. Simply give us a call or send an email, describe the amount and type of garden rubbish/waste you have (you can send us pictures of it too) and we'll recommend the option that's best suited to your situation.

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