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Post DIY Rubbish Removal Options

DIY junk

You may have decided to go it alone and attempt your own DIY project in your home or garden. If you have, chances are that you'll find yourself with a mountain of rubbish to get rid of afterwards.

If you are going it alone, then let's face it, it's all too tempting to just dump your old fixtures and fittings somewhere convenient so that you've got more time available to complete your project. Typically, your back garden, front garden or garage (if you have one) are the most likely candidates. We've all driven past houses with old kitchens and bathrooms dumped in the front garden but at some stage, it's all going to have to go. Astonishingly, if you leave your rubbish there for too long, you can even be prosecuted for fly-tipping on your own land!

Clearing the Aftermath

If you have a car, the last thing you want to do once your DIY dream is complete is fill it up with dirty, dusty building debris and take a drive to your local recycling centre. Chances are that you're going to have to spend more of your valuable time making several trips as it's pretty unlikely that it's all going to fit in the back of your car in one trip. Once you've factored in the time it takes to make several runs to the dump, the cost of fuel AND the time it'll take to clean your car afterwards, it may have been better to call in a professional and reliable rubbish removal company instead.

If you're smart enough not to just throw all your unwanted waste in a colossal and unsightly heap out the front or back of your property, then hiring a skip for the duration of your project is definitely a sensible option (and your neighbours will thank you for it!). Many people aren't aware that there are a couple of options when hiring a skip. You can either choose to keep the skip for the time it takes you to carry out all the work or you can opt for a wait and load skip service instead.

Standard Skip Hire vs 'Wait and Load'

If you'd like to keep the skip whilst you work so that you can fill it slowly, then you need to consider if you can fit it within the boundaries of your property or whether it'll need to be placed on the road outside. If it's outside in the street, you'll need a skip permit, if it's on your own property, you won't. Depending on where you live, the skip company may be able to arrange the permit on your behalf although some councils may require that you apply for it directly yourself. You should also be aware that skip permits aren't free and a small fee is payable to your local council for this.

Wait and Load is slightly different. With this option you can't keep the skip and fill it at your leisure, you'll need to have everything prepared and ready to go in one hit. In short, the skip lorry arrives, the driver lowers the skip to the ground and waits whilst you fill it (you'll typically get around 30 minutes for this). The downside is that you'll need to keep your unwanted rubbish in a conveniently located pile on your property beforehand, but the plus side is that you won't need a permit as the skip is not left 'in situ'. Regardless of which option you choose, many companies (including us) can often provide same-day hire if time is of the essence.

Rubbish Removal Tipper Hire

Not everyone wants to hire a skip; some prefer to get a professional rubbish removal company to clear their unwanted junk for them instead. This can often work out cheaper and more convenient as many waste disposal companies will only charge you for the amount of rubbish they actually take away. Aside from the full or part-load pricing options, one of the really great things about this is that they'll also do all the hard graft for you. So, after your project is all done and dusted, you can sit back, admire your handiwork, put your feet up and leave the professionals to clean up all the mess you've created :)

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