Science Week - Brighton To Host The British Science Festival 2017

British Science Festival Brighton 2017We're going a bit geeky with today's article and talking about sciency stuff happening soon in Brighton...

Coming this September 2017 is a chance to discover the historic and beautiful city of Brighton and at the same time explore our universe and our own consciousness.

British Science Week

This year’s British Science Festival will be taking place in Brighton. Taking place over 5 days, from 5th September to the 9th of September and organised by The British Science Association (BSA) the festival will be co-hosted by The University of Brighton and The University of Sussex.

There will be over 100 events open to the public covering the entire spectrum of scientific research, theory and achievement. Covering engineering, technology and the social sciences.


Opening night at the Science festival

clean eating dietOn the first night, 5th September, the festival will be taking over the drinking holes in the famous historic quarter, The Lanes.

Science in the Lanes will bring an evening of entertainment and scientific exploration to the twisting narrow streets of the Lanes and show that when the sun sets, science comes alive! Running from 6pm until 11pm there is no need to book just turn up and enjoy the bar hopping!

Highlights of Tuesday’s events include a talk taking place at the Grand Parade in the city centre. Clean Eating: the new diet revolution will be presented by the editor of the BBC program Horizon, Steve Crabtree and respected geneticist and TV presenter Dr Giles Yeo. Following a conversational format this event will cover the latest dieting trend of clean eating. Discussing what it is and why it is proving so popular. The two presenters will be discussing different dieting fads and trends through the ages and their various health implications and they will also answer questions about today’s latest dieting trends.

Learn about Crowd Sourcing

Or you could take the opportunity to Discover Your Inner Engineer and discover how crowd-sourcing can be used to fund an engineering project and how you can join forces with astrophysicists to help us more fully understand the dawn of time.

Night at the museum

Visitors will get the unique opportunity to visit Brighton Museum after hours in an event named Brighton Museum Late: Breaking the Glass. Taking place on Thursday 7th September from 7pm to 10pm, this activity workshop will allow guests to see the museum’s artefacts come to life in a multisensory extravaganza using moving images, audio, taste, touch and even smells. It will also feature scientific prototypes that will allow guests to experience the Museum’s exhibits in completely new ways.

Alien Science

alien abductionReimagining Aliens will be a panel discussion taking place on Friday 8th September discussing aliens in their various portrayals in fiction. From on-screen imaginings to video game portrayals. How has fiction shaped our understanding of potential life and do they have any basis in scientific reality? The panel will be headed by broadcaster and film buff, Adam Rutherford.

Wildlife at night

Or bringing the focus back closer to home: The Wild Furry Urbanites will explore the unexpected stories of urban mammals and what they and their researchers get up to in our cities at night.

The science of appetites

There will still be plenty in store to keep you busy and interested on the final day. Woofing It Down: Understanding Appetite From Man’s Best Friend will explore the genetics responsible for obesity in dogs and how they can shed light on our understanding of our own appetites. Vet and genetics researcher Eleanor Raffan will be sharing her insights and discoveries gained from her own research.

Space Science

You can also learn more about our solar system and how our understanding of our world was framed by 17th century German mathematician, astronomer and astrologer Johanes Kepler. Using augmented reality and innovative data gloves this presentation will allow you to discover more about the size and workings of our universe at The Solar System As A Musical Instrument.

The mystery of consciousness

Then come back down to earth and learn about our inner space. Understanding Consciousness will explain and explore new research that is helping us to understand central aspects of what makes us human and defining what it means to be conscious.

Other topics of interest

There are many more fascinating and informative events taking place throughout the week- long festival, more than 100 hundred altogether. Including subjects as diverse as the Hadron Collider to our own inner monologue or voices in our head, the psychology of deception and how it is being used to keep our airports safe, human evolution to the role of alternative bio-medicine in training for athletes. There will be something to intrigue and educate everyone. For more ideas of what will be on offer take a look at the homepage page of the British Science Festival.

History of the British Science Festival

Charles Darwin Sculptor - Theory of EvolutionThe British Science Festival is the longest standing national event in Europe. It was first held in 1831 and this year’s festival will be the 4th time that Brighton has hosted the event, having previously been held in Brighton in 1872, 1948 and 1983.

The Festival in 1834 was the first public event at which the term “scientist” was used, and in 1860 the festival featured the historic debate between the scientist and student of Darwinism, Thomas Huxley and the Bishop of Oxford. A new and controversial subject at the time, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution was debated publicly and the festival brought Darwin’s theory to a wider, public audience.

The Visit Brighton website has more about the festival and ideas for other events and activities taking place in and around Brighton city and Brighton and Hove as a whole as well as accommodation guides for anyone wishing to stay for the duration of the festival.

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