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Here's a story from the summer of 2012 that caught our eye. It tells the story of a battered old skip (with added neon lights) placed outside Brighton Town Hall.

This art installation has the incredibly creative title of “Skip” and is the work of British artist David Batchelor. It was displayed on the streets of Brighton in the summer of 2012 as part of the city's annual arts festival.

The intention of the installation was supposed to make people “stop and think” and apparently, it was also OK if you wanted to throw your own rubbish in it.

One of the organisers was asked if she was concerned that someone might dump rubbish in it, and she replied:

“As long as it doesn’t cause a health and safety issue, we don’t mind.”

It was put on display outside the Town Hall as a work of art and was funded with the help of a £95,000 grant.

It was claimed that the creation was inspired by the city’s streets and the curator of the visual arts festival was quoted as saying:

“It is just amazing how David Batchelor can transform ordinary, everyday objects into something extraordinary - You really have to see it to appreciate it. As the light changes, from day to night, the yellow light from the neon tubes intensifies and you will often see it reflected in the puddles.”

The skip, together with a selection of other exhibits received £95,000 from the publicly funded Arts Council England.

House 2012 director Judy Stevens said:

“I’m hoping that it will make people stop and think, and create a little bit of fun.”

It's a shame that Expert Skip Hire wasn't notified prior to this work of art being commissioned... We would have done it for half the price!

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