Lidl to donate 2 million meals to local charities

Lidl teams up with NeighbourlyThe supermarket giant has recently announced a new food redistribution programme across all of their stores in England, Scotland and Wales.

It's estimated that the new food surplus initiative could provide the equivalent of 2 million meals for those that really need it the most.

Despite only being the 8th biggest supermarket chain in the UK, this move raises the bar for how the nation's supermarkets deal with unsold food. Unlike France, there is no legal requirement for British supermarkets to donate waste food to charity, although a growing number of politicians are calling for the UK to adopt a similar law.

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Britain comes top of the Food League; but it's not all good news

The good news is that Britain has been crowned the top of a particular league.

The bad news is... the league is for the amount of food wasted by countries in Europe.

According to a new international food ranking system we throw away around 130kg of food each year per person, slightly less than twice the weight of the average British adult (which is approx. 76kg according to 2010 stats).

Some slightly better news is that we don't fare quite as bad (although still badly) when the statistics are applied globally. Out of a total of 25 countries, we were the 6th worst offender.

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How to take part in the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch in East Sussex

blue tit rspbIf you live in East Sussex, the RSPB wants your help.

It'll only take an hour of your time and will provide valuable data for the RSPB's nationwide study.

The Big Garden Birdwatch first took place back in 1979 and since then, the RSPB have been conducting the survey every year to see what birds are becoming more common in our gardens, and which ones are on the decline.

Sara Humphrey from the RSPB says:

“The 2016 results for East Sussex showed a significant rise in smaller birds such as great tits and goldfinches using our gardens to find food. Despite this boost in numbers many other of our garden favourites are struggling”.

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Sweden runs out of rubbish and has to import it instead

power station

Although Sweden is often known for its quirky IKEA furniture, a lesser known fact concerns a rather odd problem the country has faced recently - It's run out of trash.

The woefully high levels of waste we in the UK send to landfill puts us to shame compared to the Swedes; only 1% of their waste is sent to landfill whereas in the UK, the figure is somewhere in the region of 45%.

We can't be entirely certain of the exact figure as, unlike Sweden, the UK doesn't have a coherent nationwide policy when it comes to recycling.

Each local authority is left to their own devices as to what their recycling policy is.

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Could edible, non-plastic drinking water bottles be on the way?

Every spring, the Reykjavik Design Festival in Iceland is awash with catchy new designs and ideas.

The festival presents ideas and innovations from a broad range of industries including architecture, food design, fashion and furniture.

Project are submitted by both local designers and globally known international designers alike.

A local student submitted one particular project this year that could sow the seeds for future developments in plastic water bottle production techniques.

Ari Jonsson, a student at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, says he read about the huge amounts of disposable plastic being thrown away each day, and felt compelled to try and develop a replacement that was far more environmentally sound.

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Plastic Roads - Future Innovations for our highways?

A Dutch company is at the cutting edge of a project that could see roads of the future made entirely from plastic.

The idea of using plastic in the construction of roads isn't new. Earlier this year, we wrote about how India had adopted the idea of mixing recycled plastic with traditional road building materials to make more durable highways, whilst dramatically cutting down on the amount of plastic sent to landfill at the same time.

KWS, the Netherlands based company behind the concept, claims that there are several key advantages to using plastic instead of tarmac for the roads of our future.

Key Benefits

1. One of the more obvious benefits from a recycling point of view is that the roads could in theory be made entirely from recycled plastic. Considering the amount of plastic bottles and containers thrown away each day around the world, that's a real biggy as far as benefits go!

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Weekly vs fortnightly bin collections in Brighton and Hove

A controversial call by Friends of the Earth in Brighton and Hove to switch from weekly to fortnightly waste refuse collections has been made recently.

The local authority has dismissed the proposal, saying they are in the process of exploring alternative solutions such as communal bins, wheelie bins and organic waste disposal ideas in order to boost recycling rates.

Around 42% of the councils in Sussex already have fortnightly collections compared to around 75% of the entire country.

Horsham District Council are already gearing up to go fortnightly in a bid to save around £1 million a year. The council already has a relatively impressive recycling rate of 45% and it's hoped the switch will push this figure even higher.

Adur and Worthing councils, along with Eastbourne claim they have no plans to alter the current arrangement of weekly collections.

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Christmas events in Eastbourne

If you live in or around the Eastbourne area and are looking for some fun and entertaining things to do this Christmas, here are 5 to whet your appetite:

1. Bauble Bonanaza - Pop into the Eastbourne Tourist Information Centre in Cornfield Road BN21 4QA anytime from now until Christmas Eve and grab the chance to take part for free in the spectacular Bauble Bonanza.

The ceiling will be covered in a dazzling array of decorations including a mind blowing number of dangling baubles.

Your task is to try and guess the total number of baubles hanging from the ceiling in order to enter this free competition. Staff will be on hand to take your details and the person who gets it right (or gets closest) will be announced on Christmas Eve.

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Crawley has a rubbish Christmas tree

In case you're wondering about the headline of this article...No, we're not having a go about the Christmas tree that's situated outside Crawley Library.

This Christmas tree really is rubbish! It's made from around 600 plastic bottles that have been reused in order to raise recycling awareness in the town.

It will be on display throughout December and is situated in Southgate Avenue if you want to pop down to see it.

The tree's lights will be switched on today (Thursday 1st December 2016) at 4.30pm by West Sussex Council’s cabinet member for residents’ services, Councillor David Barling.

If you're feeling a bit peckish and want to get into the festive spirit, then free mince pies will also be on offer along with some helpful advice from the West Sussex Waste Prevention Team, who can give you some handy tips on recycling.

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Sharp frost arrives in Sussex - Will Christmas be white?

Frost hits Sussex

It probably hasn't escaped your attention that the last couple of mornings have been a tad frosty!

It wasn't that long ago that we were writing about Sussex heatwaves warnings, but now the tide has most definitely turned.

Well, we won't be posting any more pictures of people basking on Brighton beach in deck chairs for a while as temperatures in Sussex have plumetted to a bone chilling -5C.

It should warm up slightly in the coming few days and the crisp weather is set to stay dry in Sussex for the rest of the week; temperatures are set to peak at 6C with lows of -3C.

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Hermit crab chooses plastic toothpaste cap as its new home

At Expert Skip Hire, we've written a few posts about the problem that plastics are causing in the ocean. Back in September, we published an article about the increasing issues with plastic microbeads finding their way into the world's oceans. 

This post is slightly different in that it highlights one tiny way that this ingenious little hermit crab has actually made use of a piece of discarded plastic.

About Hermit Crabs

The hermit crab is a crustacean and there are more than 1,000 different species of them around the globe. Whilst they're called a crab, they're actually more closely related to lobsters.

Although they can also be found in deeper waters, you can often spot one if you take a closer look in rockpools along the coastline. Their hallmark feature is that whilst they live in a shell, it's not one they make themselves.

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The history of the skip; How it got its name and who invented it

Where does the word skip come from and who invented it?


The history of the skip - How did it get its name?

The origins of the word 'skip' is something of an enigma; no one really seems certain about how the modern day skip got its name.

In countries like the US and Canada it's referred to as a dumpster, which seems logical given the nature of its use. However, in the UK we call them skips (or skip bins in Australia).

The most widely accepted explanation originates with the ancient art of beekeeping. Nowadays, most people tend to visualise the modern version of a beehive as a box-like structure made from overlapping wooden slats.

Before wooden framed hives came into widespread use, beekeepers in the UK and Europe tended to use either inverted straw or wicker baskets (or hollow logs in some cases) as homes for their honeybee colonies.

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Find a fireworks display in Sussex this weekend

Sussex Fireworks DisplaysIf you're looking for a fireworks display to attend in the Sussex area this coming Saturday, here are 5 events to choose from.

A brief history of November 5th

Virtually everyone in the UK has heard of Guy Fawkes but few know he actually adopted the name Guido Fawkes whilst fighting on behalf of the Spanish.

He gained infamy by being found guilty (with a group of others led by Robert Catesby) for attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605.

This event became known as The Gunpowder Plot.

According to history, after an anonymous tip off, Fawkes was found in a rented cellar and arrested whilst guarding explosives under The House of Lords.

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Why we're the No.1 Choice in Polegate

We're based in Seaford, around 10 miles from PolegateIf you live in the Polgate area and need a skip delivered fast, then we're definitely the company to call.

We're based in Seaford and as you'll probably know, Polegate is a mere stone's throw away at just under 10 miles distance.

This means that we can usually get a skip to you in lightning fast time.

There are plenty of skip hire companies to choose from but many are agencies that don't actually have any skips, vehicles or waste recycling facilities of their own.

Once their commission is added on top, you'll usually be paying over the odds for a service that is far cheaper if booked directly through us.

We're open from 7.30am six days a week and our friendly team are on hand to take your booking or to just give you some free, no obligation advice if you prefer.

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Real Junk Food Project in Leeds (and Brighton)

A new concept in food shopping has touched down on the Grangefield Industrial Estate in a town called Pudsey, near Leeds.

'The Real Junk Food Project' is the first of its kind to offer food on the basis of paying what you can afford, rather than items having their own specific price (scroll down for cafes in Brighton).

If you don't have cash available, you can also pay with your time or labour to contribute towards the project.

The shop is called 'The Warehouse' and its new customers are presented with a range of foods that have been discarded or donated from local businesses, allotments, food banks, restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, food photographers, events and functions. 

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More new trucks added to our fleet

New additions to our fleet of trucks

This month marks two new additions to our ever expanding fleet of skip trucks. These two beauties bathed in the October coastal
sunshine are destined to be at the sharp end of our skip delivery and collection service operating throughout most parts of East
and West Sussex, six days a week.

The geeky stuff
They are two axle, rigid body trucks made by DAF Trucks and are equipped with huge 6.7 litre diesel engines. The total 'on the road' weight capacity (known as the Revenue Weight) of each vehicle is 18 metric Tonnes (18,000kg).

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Five kittens found dumped in Luton skip

kittens found skip

After years of experience in the waste management industry, we've seen all sorts of strange things dumped in our skips. Fortunately, we've never come across any live animals just yet.

This wasn't the case for one company in Luton where they found five kittens when sorting through the contents of the skip after it arrived back at their depot last month.

The rescued tabby coloured litter consisting of four girls and one boy have been named Charlotte, Pippa, Maggie, Lulu and Biffa by staff at the RSPCA, who are now caring for them.

They were found in a box by a member of staff who's job was to sort through the waste in order to seperate its contents for recycling. They were estimated to be around four weeks old when they were discovered in September.

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East Sussex pub wins 2016 Great British Pub of the Year award

Feeling thirsty? Fancy a pint and a bite to eat?

Well, you're in luck as a local pub in East Sussex has just won the much coveted "Great British Pub of the Year" award for 2016

If you head on over to Ditchling, make sure you pop into The Bull as they were named as the top pub in the UK at last night's award ceremony which was held in London.

The Bull also picked up the award for the best freehouse in the country, so it was a pretty successful night all in all.

The award ceremony was organised by The Morning Advertiser and its editor, Ed Beddington was quoted as saying:

“The Bull is the kind of place that everyone wishes was their local, and we’d like to congratulate Dom and his team on running such a superb site, offering great beers, great atmosphere and great food”.

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Microplastics polluting the ocean at 6000ft deep

Microbeads in cosmetics and cleaning productsNew scientific evidence has shown that ocean dwelling creatures living at depths of up to 6,000ft have for the first time been found to have eaten micro-plastics.

Dr Michelle Taylor, of Oxford University, the lead author of the study is quoted as saying:

"The main purpose of this research expedition was to collect micro-plastics from sediments in the deep ocean - and we found lots of them. Given that animals interact with this sediment, such as living on it or eating it, we decided to look inside them to see if there was any evidence of ingestion - What’s particularly alarming is that these micro-plastics weren’t found in coastal areas but in the deep ocean, thousands of miles away from land-based sources of pollution".

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Lottery grant ensures Lewes paintings get a facelift

Visit of William the Fourth painting in Lewes Town Hall

The Heritage Lottery Fund has agreed to provide a grant of £61,200 to Lewes Town Council for a project which has been called "Our Pictures".

The aim of the project is to make pictures that are in the Town Hall more accessible to the general public and will also deal with the cleaning and restoration of three works of art.

"The Visit of William IV", "The Protestant Reformers" and "The Battle of Lewes" have been selected for restoration because of their poor condition and because they represent some of the history and cultural heritage of Lewes. The repairs and ongoing conservation will be undertaken by the Hamilton-Kerr Institute at Cambridge University.

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Anglesey council want to see birth certificates to collect nappies

Parents must provide their child's birth certificate to get the council to collect dirty nappiesAngry parents are furious that their local council are planning to make them show their children’s birth certificates if they want the council to continue to collect dirty nappies.

The row has erupted in Anglesey, where those responsible for the council's waste management team have said that they have "evidence that most children are potty trained between ages of two and three".

They claim that parents should be able to prove the age of their child by presenting evidence in the form of a birth certificate if they want to continue throwing away disposable nappies.

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