Clear up your garden before winter arrives

Clear up the garden before winter arrives

It's around this time of year that many Sussex residents will be out and about in their gardens; not for sunbathing opportunities of course, but to get their gardens ready for the frosty winter days that lie ahead. If this is what you're currently up to then you'll be familiar with the ubiquitous piles of leaves, grass trimmings and the like that are no doubt scattered around the garden. Or, perhaps you're a tad more organised and have your green garden waste all stacked up neatly in a corner of the garden.

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Plans emerge for a Deposit Return Scheme by 2023

Deposit return scheme vending machine in a supermarket

Way back in 2017 we wrote about the possible plans to introduce a Deposit Return Scheme for used drinks bottles so it's high time we revisited the topic to see how things have progressed.

In late August of 2020, the Government updated the outcome of its consultation (which was open for 12 weeks between 18th February and 13th May 2019) on the subject, so let's take a quick look and see what it reveals.

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View Of Comet Neowise From East Sussex Beach


Sussex astronomy buffs were no-doubt thrilled by the unexpected arrival of Comet Neowise which graced our sky during mid-July 2020. The comet, which was first discovered by a NASA space telescope in March, was visible to the naked eye for a few precious nights up and down the country as it passed close to the earth on its return journey to deep space. However, the comet was only visible if you had a good, uninterrupted view of the northern night sky AND there was virtually no light pollution. This meant that Neowise was tricky to spot without binoculars unless you were a reasonable distance from towns, villages and, of course, street lights.

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Endangered Spiked Rampion Plant Thriving In East Sussex

Spiked rampion flowers in East Sussex

Described by as critically endangered, the rarely-seen spiked rampion wildflower is having a bit of a resurgence in East Sussex. Much to the delight of local environmental experts, this beautiful plant with creamy-white spikes is flourishing by a roadside in Hadlow Down, close to Uckfield.

Although fairly common throughout much of the European continent, spiked rampion (a.k.a. 'phyteuma spicatum') is typically only seen in the wild in eight places in Sussex and as such, it's a criminal offence to pick or destroy it intentionally.

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Useful tips for a garden clearance

Useful tips for a garden clearance

Useful tips for a garden clearance

At the time of writing, many of us are facing the problem of getting rid of our unwanted garden waste due to COVID-19 restrictions. Although many local authorities up and down the UK offer free 'green waste' collections, some do still charge householders a fee. This is fine if you only accumulate a small amount of organic waste on a weekly basis but if it's more, or you're having a major tidy up outside, you could run into problems if you're planning a trip to your local recycling centre.

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Get Some Exercise On The Cuckoo Trail, East Sussex

The Cuckoo Trail in East SussexBy Ron Strutt, CC BY-SA 2.0, LinkWith the current lockdown continuing for the time being, you may have already developed your own daily exercise regime to keep you fit (and sane!). Although this clearly won't entail going to your local gym at the moment, you may already be working out at home, going out for a long walk or taking a ride out on your bicycle.

So, if you haven't considered it, or don't know about it, why not make use of your free time with a ride along the East Sussex Cuckoo Trail?

So, if the weather's good and you're in the mood for a day of activity whilst surrounded by the very best that nature has to offer, this is our top tip for residents of East Sussex.

On the Cuckoo Trail, there's no shortage of things to see and it'll also give you the opportunity of spending some much-needed time away from home whilst still spending time with the rest of the family if you're all normally cooped up indoors together.

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Recycled plastic used to make roads in India

Road made from plastic in India

A while ago, we posted a story about Beachy Head Road in Eastbourne being recycled. The process involved skimming the existing surface off, reprocessing it and laying it back down again. Amongst other things, this saves on the cost of new raw materials and consequently saves money.

There are derivatives of this idea happening around the world, where plastic waste is now mixed into the tar used for the new road surface before it is laid down.

One such example came from India, where Jambulingam Street in Nungambakkam, Chennai first came to the attention of the recycling world by being one of the first streets to undergo the process.

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Become an Eastbourne Ghost Buster at the Redoubt this Halloween

Ghost hunting at the Redoubt Fortress EastbourneImage courtesy of The Voice of Hassocks - Own work, CC0, Link

Eastbourne's Redoubt Fortress Twilight Tours: Friday 25th to Sunday 27th October 2019

With the autumnal chill in the air and the leaves already falling from the trees, it's time to turn our attention to what's going on in the Eastbourne area this Halloween. So, if you're looking for a way to get you in the mood for Halloween, why not take a torchlit guided tour of the Redoubt Fortress? Tales of gruesome battles, clanking chains and ghostly manifestations are guaranteed to send shivers down your spine!

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It's not all about skips - We clear your rubbish too

Sussex rubbish clearance

At the risk of stating the obvious, we hire skips to homes and businesses throughout East and West Sussex but are you aware that we also provide an alternative way of clearing all of your unwanted household and business waste too?

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Man caught dumping fridge freezer is prosecuted

A man working for a waste management company in Spain was filmed by a colleague fly-tipping a fridge freezer by throwing it down a ravine from the side of the road.

After the video went viral, Spanish police tracked him down and he ended up having to explain his actions in court. The outcome was a costly one; he ended up being fined €45,000 (roughly £41,500) for the offence and was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge as well as forking out for the prosecution's costs.

The colleague who filmed the 'recycling' stunt can be heard saying "We're going to recycle it, let's see how many flips it will do" as the man lifts the fridge over the barrier and pushes it down the slope.

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Why we're the No.1 Choice in Eastbourne

We're based in Seaford, less than 10 miles from EastbourneIf you live in the Eastbourne area and need a skip delivered fast, then we're definitely the company to call.

We're based in Seaford and as you'll probably know, Eastbourne is less than 10 miles away.

This means that we can usually get a skip to you in lightning-fast time.

There are plenty of skip hire companies to choose from but many are agencies that don't actually have any skips, vehicles or waste recycling facilities of their own.

Once their commission is added on top, you'll usually be paying over the odds for a service that is far cheaper if booked directly through us. For example, our 2-yard skips can be hired in Eastbourne for just £140+VAT.

We're open from 7.30 am six days a week and our friendly team are on hand to take your booking or to just give you some free, no-obligation advice if you prefer.

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Amusement arcade looks set to return to Hastings Pier

Hastings Pier in 2018By Steve Parker from Ash Vale, UK - 2018-05-26 at 09-24-15, CC BY 2.0, Link

Amusement arcades and the seaside are synonymous and it's also not uncommon to see rows of gaming and video amusement machines when you take a stroll along most piers around the country. This hasn't been the case over recent years for Hastings Pier although this now looks set to change. Whether you love them or loathe them, proposals to open an amusement arcade on Hastings Pier were given the green light earlier this month (May 1st 2019) by Hastings Borough Council’s planning committee, who approved an application to allow an amusement arcade in the visitors' centre building. From what we can gather, this won't include any adult gambling machines within the building so we assume that all the amusements will be of a family-friendly nature.

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Hastings Seafood and Wine Festival 2019

Hastings Seafood and Wine Festival 2019

If you love seafood and adore wine then we've got just the thing for you this September 2019 in Hastings.

The Hastings Seafood and Wine Festival takes place this year over two days on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 September 2019 at

Stade Open Space
Hastings Old Town
East Sussex
TN34 3AR

The festival marquees on The Stade by the historic Net Huts will play host to this year's event and you'll be able to sample a dazzling array of food and wine together with live music and themed activities to keep you busy over both days.

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FORS and Driver CPC Training

FORS and Driver Training in East Sussex

If you own a car and use it for normal, everyday tasks, the chances are you've never heard of FORS training or Driver CPC training. If you run a business that uses trucks, lorries, and vans, the chances are, you probably have.

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Expert Spring Clean 2019 – 11 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home

Spring cleaning tips

The clocks have gone forward, the days are getting lighter, the weather is getting warmer and the snow has finally gone (hopefully)! Spring is finally in the air, and although the idea of the ‘spring clean’ is a little old-fashioned, it really can bring a new lift, freshness and lease of life into your home! The long winter nights of comfort and cosiness impose a certain strain on your home, and by the time the brighter months come around your home can look very much like a musty and dusty site of hibernation. A good few days put aside to have a good scrub and a sort out can be just what your habitat needs to bring the season from outside to inside.

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Introducing Jimmy and Nellie and the Go Green Team

Jimmy and Nellie and the Go Green Team

If you think global pollution is a problem for us adults, it's even more of a problem for our children. The damaging effect we're having on our environment right now is the tragic legacy we're leaving future generations to clear up. Something has to be done.. and fast.

With this in mind, it's crucial that we begin teaching our kids from a young age the importance of recycling and how it can help shape their own future and the future of their children.

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German Clubbers To Generate Electricity On The Dance Floor

Dance floor that can generate electricity

Hitting the news recently on the dance music scene is a story about how some Berlin nightclubs may soon have dance floors installed that can generate electricity when clubbers dance on them.

The quirky sustainable dance floor invention will certainly have the approval of Berlin's local government, which goes out of its way to help nightclubs in order to benefit the local economy. Berlin has a thriving nightlife scene and is a mecca for dance-music lovers around the globe, so much so, that local authorities have already pledged 1 million Euros to help local nightclubs improve soundproofing for the benefit of local residents.

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Are You Giving Your Dustman A 'Wheelie' Bad Back?

Waste collection health problems for binmen

After an extensive four year study, it turns out that our trusty binmen are suffering from a variety of job-related health problems in various parts of their bodies. Glasgow Caledonian University and the University of Greenwich, who jointly conducted the study, found that many local authority waste disposal crews were suffering from ongoing problems in their spines, necks, lower backs, necks and shoulders.

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Herstmonceux Medieval Festival - August Bank Holiday 2019

Herstmonceux Castle Medieval Festival 2019

Things to do - August Bank Holiday Weekend 2019

At Expert Skip Hire we're passionate about supporting local events so if you've never been before or are looking for something to do towards the end of August, why not check out the Herstmonceux Medieval Festival which runs for 3 days from Saturday 24th to Monday 26th August 2019 (Bank Holiday weekend).

Now entering its 27th year at the castle, it's one of the last summery things to do before people begin to turn their attention to the new school term and the fast approaching Autumnal weather.

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Tesco Pilots Deposit Return Scheme for Plastic Bottles

Supermarket plastic bottle recycling scheme

You don't have to be Einstein to work out that more plastic bottles being recycled = less plastic waste going to landfill or ending up in our oceans. So, if you want some free cash and Tesco is your retailer of choice, then this article is for you.

The good news is that they're now trialing in-store recycling machines that will give you 10p for every plastic bottle you return to them as part of a new scheme to cut down on plastic waste. This follows on from the supermarket's aim to ban all non-recyclable plastic packaging by 2019.

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One Simple Change to Reduce Your Plastic Use

lush shampoo cake wrapper

Is there a little voice inside your head that's been nagging away at you to 'get with the program' and become more of an eco-warrior? OK, maybe not, but we sure bet you've noticed all the commotion surrounding the whole plastic debate at the moment. Let's face it, you can't avoid it. It's on TV, in our newspapers, and the internet (as well as the ocean) is awash with it.

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