Manchester residents unhappy with smaller grey wheelie bins

Rubbish dumped due to lack of wheelie bin space in ManchesterSeveral thousand Manchester residents are livid that the size of their grey household wheelie bins have been reduced by the local council from the original 240 litre capacity down to just 140 litres; a reduction of around 40%.

Despite the changeover costing around £1 million, the council hope that it will save an estimated £2.4 million on landfill costs each year and will also encourage users of the smaller bins to recycle more of their waste.

There are concerns that the reduction in size will bring about a spike in fly-tipping as residents will have less room in the new wheelie bins to dump their unwanted trash. This has led to thousands of householders demanding that the council do a U turn and reinstate the original 240 litre grey household wheelie bins.

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M23 and A27 roadworks; night-time closures for resurfacing


Please note: This is an old article. For the lastest traffic information on M23 or A27 road closures and other traffic news, please visit the Highways Agency Information page.

As we're out on the roads delivering and collecting skips throughout Sussex 6 days a week, we thought we'd let our local community know that there are a couple of very busy roads that will be getting a facelift this week.

Firstly, Highways England has announced that the M23 between junctions 9 and 11 around the Crawley area will be undergoing resurfacing work during the night.

It'll only affect traffic on the northbound carriageway of the M23 heading towards London and will be closed between the hours of 9pm and 6am until Sunday night.

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Relief as Seaford residents see many train services restored

Seaford railway train stationBy Les Chatfield from Brighton, England - Portrait of Seaford station, CC BY 2.0, Link

The past 2 months have been pretty tough for Seaford commuters and many have had to switch to using buses to get to and from work. But the extra hassle for many is set to come to an end next Monday as many services will be restored.

The new service will herald the return of half-hourly train services for passengers, bringing a sigh of relief for many weary commuters.

One of the most important services that Southern provide between Seaford and Brighton will also be restored in full from next Monday and passengers can now look forward to a half hourly service.

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Beachy Head Road is being recycled!

beachy head roadOn Monday September 19th, Beachy Head Road in Eastbourne will be closing for around eight weeks whilst the road surface is being "recycled".

The popular road will be shut from the junction of Warren Hill along to Birling Gap.

There will be diversions in place but contractors say they will do their best to maintain access to properties including the Beachy Head Pub, Countryside Centre and coastguard and chaplain stations as well as farms.

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Search for Bronze Age settlement at Belle Tout near Eastbourne

A National Trust team began an important archaeological dig on Tuesday at Belle Tout (on top of the Seven Sisters cliffs, near Beachy Head, Eastbourne) and will be excavating trenches close to the cliff edge until the 21st September.

If you fancy a trip down there whilst the weather is still good, then members of the public are being invited to take part in free daily tours of the site.

You'll get to see the archaeologists at work in the trenches and also examine what they find; all in all, a great opportunity to learn more about this fascinating, historic site.

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Brighton researcher calls for Microbead ban

Microbeads in cosmeticsA reseacher at Brighton University’s Aquatic Research Centre is supporting calls by MPs to ban plastic microbeads in cosmetics.

PhD student Matt Turley has said:
"Microplastics do not biodegrade, and so they accumulate in the marine environment and are extremely costly and difficult, if not impossible, to clean up.

A ban on the use of microplastics in personal care products in the UK is a step in the right direction to reducing further inputs of plastic to the marine environment and to begin to address the wider problems of marine plastic pollution".

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Heatwave health warning issued for Sussex and the South East

Sussex summer heatwave

Along with much of the country, Sussex is in the midst of a summer holiday heatwave for the next few days and perhaps even longer.

The Met Office issued a Level 2 heat health watch alert for Sussex and the South East in general as temperatures continue to soar.

The hot weather is expected to continue throughout today reaching 27 degress C and there is the very real possibility that it will continue right throughout the entire Bank Holiday weekend.

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Burgess Hill Household Waste Recycling Site Blaze

A recent fire at the Burgess Hill Household Waste Recycling Site is being treated as an accident.

Firefighters took around an hour and a half to put out the blaze which started at 8.15pm on August 4th but they stayed on site until around 3.30am to make sure the fire was fully extinguished.

The huge fire, which broke out in a corner of the 75 x 25 metre structure, took eleven fire crews to deal with it - Seven crews from West Sussex and one crew from East Sussex attended the inferno together with an aerial ladder platform, a water tender carrier and a command unit.

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Video emerges of a tipper truck fly tipping in a Blackpool street

The 250ft long trail of household rubbish was dumped in broad daylight and included a toilet, a mattress, a wheelie bin and even a bath. There was also an assortment of toys, bits of furniture and old wood.

Because the trail of rubbish was dumped right down the centre of the street in Chadfield Road, Blackpool, residents were unable to leave the road in their cars until the mess was cleaned up by the local council.

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Low cost skip hire from just £95,000!

Here's a story from the summer of 2012 that caught our eye. It tells the story of a battered old skip (with added neon lights) placed outside Brighton Town Hall.

This art installation has the incredibly creative title of “Skip” and is the work of British artist David Batchelor. It was displayed on the streets of Brighton in the summer of 2012 as part of the city's annual arts festival.

The intention of the installation was supposed to make people “stop and think” and apparently, it was also OK if you wanted to throw your own rubbish in it.

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How to buy shares in Hastings Pier

How to buy shares in Hastings PierBy Dr-Mx at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

**We now have an updated 2019 article regarding Hastings Pier; read it here.

After closing to the public in 2008, Hastings Pier was destroyed by a huge fire in 2010. The future of the Pier was looking bleak until a compulsory purchase order implemented by Hastings Borough Council allowed the Hastings Pier Charity (HPC) to buy the Pier for £1 in August 2013.

A plan for redevelopment was submitted to the Heritage Lottery Fund, who awarded a project grant of £11.4m towards the estimated £14.2m that was required to restore the pier to the former glory of its Victorian heyday.

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Mini Tornado Spotted On West Sussex Farm

A farmer in West Sussex has captured an amazing video of a mini tornado (known as a 'dust devil') on his farm in Rudgwick.

Tim Bargman was out collecting hay from his fields at Canfields Farm on the 18th of July when he spotted the small swirling phenomenon. 

He is quoted as saying:

“It was about lunch time, around 12ish or 1ish. I was just hay turning and I looked up and all this hay was coming towards me. “It must have been 25-30ft (wide) and went up in the sky 100 odd feet.” 

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Contents of entire house dumped in Birmingham car park

Following on from our recent story about a woman who was prosecuted for fly tipping in her own back garden in London, a story has surfaced in the papers today of what appeared to be the entire contents of a house fly tipped in a public car park in Boulton Road, Handsworth, Birmingham yesterday afternoon. 

Aside from a mountain of black bin liners, the terrible mess also included a bed (complete with mattress, blankets and pillows), a huge assortment of clothes and shoes and bits of old furniture.

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Lightbulb Moment

How one man's simple innovation for recycling plastic bottles helped some of the world's poorest communities.

In 2002 a Brazilian mechanic came up with a ridiculously simple way of reusing plastic bottles to help some of the world's poorest people light their homes.

In the city of Uberaba in the south of Brazil, Alfredo Moser had his “Light-bulb” moment during one of his country's many power cuts.

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Edible plastic beer can ring holders

Most people will have seen images of wildlife caught up in our discarded trash before. Sea-turtles, fish, sea-gulls and other wildlife caught up in plastic and other human-made rubbish that finds its way into our oceans.

Once entangled in plastic refuse, animals are unable to free themselves causing much unnecessary suffering and even restricting the animal's natural growth.

A well-publicised culprit is plastic beer holders. With millions produced every year, they are among the most abundant examples of plastic pollution and it's damaging effects on our sea-life.

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Londoner prosecuted for fly tipping in her own garden

Londoner prosecuted for fly tipping in her own garden

If you're thinking of renovating your house and are tempted to dump all the waste material in your garden, it may surprise you to know that you could potentially be prosecuted for fly-tipping; even on your own property.

A recent story has surfaced in the news about a Londoner who was ordered to pay more than £1,100 after refusing to clear up her own garden of an assortment of materials including old furniture, rubble, mattresses, wheelbarrows and even a gas boiler.

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How To Vote With Your Butt

 Since there's a lot of buzz around the subject of voting at the moment, we thought we'd put a playful spin on how the idea of voting has found its way into the waste management and recycling world with the shamelessly headline grabbing title "how to vote with your butt"!

As you can see from this picture, a new innovative scheme that's being trialled in London is aiming to clean up the streets of cigarette ends by turning the disposal of them into a bit of fun for smokers.

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PAYT - Pay As You Throw - Scheme to reduce landfill waste

PAYT- New Pay As You Throw scheme tried in Europe

A new acronym, PAYT has found its way into the world of waste management.

"Pay As You Throw" gives you an idea about what this new proposed incentive is about. In short, the aim of the new scheme is to entice us all to reduce the amount of waste we throw in our bins, and increase the amount of rubbish we recycle by paying us for it.

A report published on the Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and Sustainable Resource Management (ACR+) website details how a number of areas in the European Union were used as case studies to gather data about this interesting subject.

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Recycling - How to cut a glass jar with just oil, water and a blade

Here's an interesting experiment you can try at home.  The video at the end of this post shows you how to cut a glass jar with just water, oil and a blade.

If you’ve got kids, then this may be a fun one to try with them - It’s a great way to make science a bit more interesting, whilst creating something that that they go on to use afterwards as well.

It will also teach them about the benefits of recycling old things that are going to be thrown away, into new things that they can use.

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How to clear up after an energy saving light bulb breakage

How to clean up broken energy saving light bulbs after a breakage

Most people don't realise the real hazard of breaking a modern day light bulb. The bulb you see in this picture is called a CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) and is often referred to as an energy saving light bulb; they are now extremely common in most households today.

If you hire one of our skips, one of things we don't allow you to put in it is any kind of light bulb. Aside from the dangers of the very thin glass used to make them, fluorescent bulbs also contain mercury, which is potentially dangerous if inhaled.

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Green Fatigue - Has the UK had enough of recycling?

apathy towards recycling on the increas across the UK

According to some recent research done by the BBC, the amount of waste produced by the average household has risen by around 60% in council areas across the UK, with 8 councils reporting an increase of 100KG per household over the last 3 years.

There is speculation that the UK's enthusiasm for recycling may be on the downturn with some believing that there is little overall long term benefit for the environment. It's been suggested that there is a growing apathy towards the whole idea coupled with a lack of routine and bad habits when it comes to recycling.

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